Vilna My Vilna by Abraham Karpinowitz

29.08.2017 | 19:00 Uhr | Englisch | Eintritt: frei| 

A presentation by Helen Mintz, the translator of „Vilna My Vilna“, about Abraham Karpinowitz and the city of his youth.

In „Vilna My Vilna“ Yiddish writer Abraham Karpinowitz (Karpinovitsh in Yiddish) portrays the dreams and struggles of poor and disenfranchised Jews from his native city of Vilna (Wilno/Vilnius) during the period immediately before the Holocaust. The collection also includes two intimate memoirs of the author’s childhood experiences in his father’s Vilna Yiddish theatre. 

Abraham Karpinowitz was born in Vilna in 1913. He survived the war in the Soviet Union and moved to Israel where he became part of the thriving Yiddish literary world in that country. Karpinowitz wrote seven books of short stories, two biographies, and a play. His work has been translated into German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian. He won the esteemed Manger Prize in 1981.

The presentation will be held in English. Free entry.